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January 3, 2020 Cancer


The mankind has faced innumerable calamities, famines, diseases, but you are an old foe. Known for ages, you are a proverbial albatross around the neck. We are trying to decipher your nature, likes and dislikes, food and fodder (that helps you to grow and spread) and venom (to neutralise yourself).

Since few hundred years of the modern era of medicine, the fight has started in the right earnest against you. Removal of you and your roots from the body (i.e. Surgery) has been the only treatment available, till the discovery of radioactivity and radiation by our beloved scientists, Marie and Pierre Curie at the end of 19th century. The mankind has seen many wars in the last hundred years or more. The churning from the battles led to invention of various chemicals which have the ability to hurt you badly (i.e. Chemotherapy). We have also tried to research the reasons, why you like us, how you are born and grow and the ways to detect your presence early in our body. As the science progresses, new innovations are being done, we have lot more in our armamentarium now to give you a tough fight.

Though we know a lot about you, still we strive for more. Our foe, on behalf of Homo sapiens, I assure you that someday we are going to find ways to enshrine you in the annals of history and glorify ourselves as victorious in the Great War against the biggest nemesis of the mankind.

There is still a long way to go and we would be interacting more frequently. Dear readers do let me know what more you want to know about Cancer and we will make sure to cover those topics at the earliest.

Happy Reading!!

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