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National Doctor's Day

On the occasion of National Doctor's Day, I prescribe you all a day full of smile and happiness.

National No Smoking Day

Smoking or use of tobacco in any form is hazardous not only to an individual but to the family and society as well. Let's pledge to STOP smoking or motivate and help others.
10 March 2021

Cancer Awareness with ZEE Punjabi

In this full episode of Jee Aayan Nu, oncologist Dr Sajal Kakkar graces the show and sheds light on the treatment of cancer. He speaks about the diet and lifestyle changes which could help prevent cancer and the symptoms and tests which could help detect the disease early on.
28 February 2020
Head and Neck cancer is one of the commonest malignancy in our country. It is a preventable cancer and has profound impact physically and psychologically on the affected individual.
27 February 2020
Cancer Awareness
Feb 4, 2020
Dr Sajal Kakkar, Organising Secretary NZ-ARTTICON 2017